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Tom and Lisa Bartholomew
Tom and Lisa started Action Courier in 1980 out of the basement of their house.  Tom, who is a Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran, started off with just a Jeep Wagoneer to do pick-up and deliveries then growing into a Ford Econoline van within the first year.  The business continued growing larger with shipments growing in size and the courier in the name didn't fit like it did when they started. Today they are anxiously awaiting retirement.


Brian Bartholomew

Brian started working for Action back in 1986 in the warehouse and soon moved to being a driver.  After several years there he moved into the position of Evening Dispatcher, then Senior Dispatcher, General Manager and then Vice President of Operations. He continued to grow in his duties with the company and is now overseeing the entire operation as President.


Leah Breda
Vice President

Leah came to work for Action Courier in 1990.  She has spent her entire career with Action Courier in the accounting department.  She is responsible for establishing new accounts and ensuring all our vendors get paid on time.  Her attention to detail is second to none and can be counted on for researching and accuracy in billing. 

John "JR" Russell
Operations Sr. Manager

JR came to Action as its first full time employee.  He was originally hired in 1982 and was a driver until 1987 before moving to California.  He was re hired in 1991 as a driver and moved into dispatch in 1994 as the morning inbound manager.  He is responsible for all of the inbound and routing of the drivers on their daily runs.  He continues to be the heart of the day to day operations of the company.


Joey Davis
Operations Manager

Joey started with Action back in 2003 as a driver and worked until 2005 when he moved.  Joey was re-hired in early 2006 as a driver, then moved into dispatch almost immediately.  Joey is in charge of staying on top of all the drivers and ensuring quality control and on-time deliveries and pick-ups.  He is very talented in his ability to organize and arrange successful shipments between customer and drivers.


Amie Bartholomew
Customer Service/ Administrative Assistant
Amie had spent 10 years with us prior to coming back to our staff in March 2010.  She had worked for several freight forwarders before joining our team the first time so she can relate to the issues faced by many of our customers.  She is the main point of contact for customer service and has an amazing knack for finding answers to tough questions on shipments.

Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell
Customer Service/Dispatch Assistant

Brandon joined the Action Staff in November of 2012 and has worked as a Warehouse and Extra man during white glove services.  Brandon moved into his current role in January 2015.  He continues to be of great assistance in the warehouse and office and can assist you in almost any aspect of the business.


Lynde Warner
Day Operations Supervisor

Lynde started working for our Seattle station in June 2012 and comes to us with several years of experience in dispatch. Her job duties will include dispatching, routing, outbound airway bill prep and customer service.  After spending a few years on the evening schedule she was moved to day time operations in November 2016.

Nathan Pett
Accounting Manager
Nathan started working for Action again in June 2015 after a few years down in Portland.  He previously worked for us as a driver, warehouse, and dispatcher before coming into accounting.  He has a tremendous amount of experience and history with Action and is a pillar in it's success.  His job duties include overseeing the rating, quotes, and customer service as well as working on special projects.

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Tara Johnson
Seattle Customer Service/Appointment Desk
Tara started working for our Seattle station in June 2015.  She comes to us with several years experience working for a local freight forwarder.  Her job duties will include setting delivery appointments,  updating forwarders on statuses, and customer service. Aside from not being able to pick football games, Tara has a wonderful approach to helping out our customers and their customers when they call.



Sean Hintz
Evening Dispatch

Sean joined the Action Staff in August of 2015 as an evening Warehouseman and quickly became a go to guy ensuring the warehouse was organized and freight was easily identifiable.  He moved into his current role in November 2016. where he continues to lead the rest of the staff and ensure that everything is wrapped up by the end of the night.

Magan Papatu.jpg

Magan Papatu
Accounting/ Quote Desk
Magan joined the Action Staff in April of 2016 as additional help in the Accounting department.  She quickly learned the ins and outs of the industry and our individual customers.  She is very thorough and detail oriented in her job where she continues to grow with the company in the technology driven communications.  She has a fantastic attitude and is willing to help at any time.  


Owen Bartholomew
Future President
Owen began his career with Action Courier when his Mom (Amie) and his Dad (Brian) started bringing him into work before he would go to pre-school.  He currently makes lots of colorful pictures to put around the office and pushes the copy button on the copier for all.  He helps his Papa (Tom) steer the forklift around the freight in the warehouse.  One day he hopes to be the President of Action Courier, a fireman, or a construction worker.